The 2009 GTX has an MSRP that starts around $35,000.

The Super Sport is a bike from BBC’s future, and I’ve gotta tell you straight up, it’s a nut smasher. However, when you crack open that throttle… Wow! The nearly vertical rear portion of the saddle is a perfectly-designed necessity because this bike takes off like a rocket. Maybe it’s got a future as a drag bike.

There’s a 114-cubic-inch X-Wedge motor crammed in a custom BBC frame. It’s also got a Scotts steering dampener on it to help keep the 23-inch front wheel in line, and it has real Brembos to bring the beast to a halt – dual disc up front and a single rotor in the rear. Styling has the look of a skinned Ducati stretched it over a chopper. Estimations put this bike the $35-40K range, cheaper than a Desmosedici RR! It’s slated for production in 2010 to be sold as a 2011 model.