BMW IMME 1200-Auto Concept Intermot Motorcycle Show

The IMME 1200 is based around the BMW R1200 engine
 A slick trick of the BMW IMME 1200 concept bike is that all the parts needed to be road legal, license plates, lights, mirrors can be removed with the engine start key and then the machine becomes ‘track ready’

The IMME 1200 concept motorbike was the creation of two French design students of the ISD (International School of Design).The IMME 1200 concept motorbike gained the interest of BMW who helped in the creation of a prototype for the 2006 Intermot Motorcycle Show in Cologne to go on show at the BMW stand.The IMME 1200 is based around the BMW R1200 engine. The name IMME comes from a now extinct German motorcycle maker.

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