Eco Cars: H Car concept incorporates wind harvesting wheels

 Eco Factor: Zero-emission car powered by electricity harvests wind energy.

While car manufactures are trying hard to incorporate solar energy generators in their electric vehicles, car designers are ready with next-gen designs where electric cars won’t rely on solar energy, but will harvest wind energy, which is a far more dependable source of renewable energy, especially if you’re using a fast car to do so. Thomas Pastor is trying this new technology in a concept vehicle he calls the H Car.

 Powered by hydrogen fuel cells and electric batteries, this zero-emission car seems inspired by flying saucers and merges sustainability, sports car capabilities and luxury in a single package. The car’s wheels double as renewable energy generators, capturing the wind around the wheel, which is in abundance if the car is being driven at a decent speed. The on-board wind turbines help juice up the batteries to extend its range.