Modification Yamaha Mio

Beautiful modif

Modification drag

Elegance style

For safety concern, the taillight also has been re-design with the addition of a retroreflector device. Physical change also can be seen in this 2006 model spec, this includes an aggressive facelift by Yamaha team, it features newly design V-shape headlight for better vision range at night and newly body stripes design but the engine specification is still remain the same with 2003 model spec. Based on sales performance and also technical studies of the successor Yamaha Nouvo by Yamaha's R&D team, in 2003 Yamaha Motor has successfully developed and marketed Yamaha Mio in Southeast Asia countries and on March 2004, Hong Leong Yamaha (HLY) has introduced this model in Malaysia and rename it as Yamaha Ego 2006 brought some new changes to the Mio, particularly the name has been revamped and since then it known as Yamaha Mio Soul (except for Malaysian market). In Malaysia, this model known as Yamaha Ego.

It was introduced for Southeast Asia market in 2003 after the successor of Yamaha Nouvo. The Yamaha Mio is a small moped/scooter with CVT technology made by Yamaha Motor.